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So, what happened to chazlizone?

Let's just say, some very stoopid girl from the east part of the country tried a very sleek method to defame me. However, her stoopid step had made me realized something I never did all these years. I never knew my name was used without my consent on someone else's blog all this while until she pointed it out. I know she did it not out of concern but in a way to pinpoint why the man I'm with chose me instead of her.

(Now really, I do not know how you do it or who you knew to pull these strings, but can I suggest that you are the one who put my name there from your recent googling my name? Maybe you're the moderator of that blog? Now come on, if you were able to find me by googling me, then I'm sure you also saw how I look like and I think you can guess that with that and a bit of sincerity in my personality, people can easily like me. If you want that too, why not you go change your personality a little huh? Maybe someone will like you too - albeit slightly different. Why choose to hate me? Why not choose to make an example of me instead, hmm?)

So, in light of this recent eye-opener, I decided to hand over this matter to both my lawyers to investigate on the context of cyber-defamation and cyber-crime. I suppose it is only fair for me to warn those who had used my name without my consent and those who tried and are still trying to spread lies over the virtual world to be prepared in case you might receive a letter from both my very very hardworking lawyers. Yes, I know this process may take a while since it involves a number of parties - including the SKMM and the cyber-crime police unit but it doesn't matter to me. I can wait for a year, two years, even ten years if it means I will win in the end. If you know me, you'll know that I'm a very patient person.

Coz NOBODY have the right to slander me or point to somewhere to suggest such things as well. You girls who tries to do this to me (oh yes, I know your gender), you have relatives and family in the military and lawyer friends haven't you? You should know every action you make on the world wide web can be traced and tracing you down can be done. And I assure you, these two lawyers of mine are extremely competent.

Thank you.

P/S: Yup, this blog is closed. It had been so for quite a while now if you notice. Thanks for still visiting though. You did add to my earnings and help me cash out quite a sum. Peace.

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